Loans secured by instant payday loans consolidation

 Loans against instant payday consolidation

debt consolidation

We deal with non-bank financing of enterprises, natural persons and farmers. For many people who are looking for the right payment for their needs or expected plans, a mortgage loan will be a great solution, especially due to the fact that in the short term (even in one day) you can get a large sum of financing.


We care for your safety – all contracts are clarified, read and signed before a notary public in the form of a notarial deed. Colloquially, this type of protection is also often called “loan for section IV of the land and mortgage register”.


When does the loan receive?

Private loans against real estate, namely non-bank loans. On average, the money goes to the consumer’s account within 3 days of accepting the application. Money on the account even in 15 minutes from the date we receive the signed documents.


The form of the loan agreement as well as its provisions are entirely based on principles consistent with the civil law code. We provide loans for the repayment of existing declarations: bailiffs, debt collection services, Social Security Institution, Tax Office and private as well as loans for leading business entities.


Capital loans are an institution that has decided on a pioneering and modern system within the area of ​​debt relief by mortgage loans, i.e. We will conclude a loan agreement for a property in a notary’s office and pay out cash.


If you want a loan against a private loan and own a property, we will definitely support you. I agree due to the processing of data by Portingdebt and related entities. They need expenditure on finishing and increasing the value of the property to be sold.